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Uni-Lock Standards

The Uni-Lock scaffolding system provides unbeatable adaptability, flexibility, and ultimately, a unique solution to many problems that erectors face, including limited access areas, job-site obstacles, and radius structures. The rosette features eight possible connections and is also compatible with many other ring-type scaffolding systems.

High Efficiency
The speed of the erecting and dismantling the Uni-Lock scaffolding systems is unmatched. The innovative horizontal to vertical wedge-lock design allows for safe, one-man assembly at whatever height required.

Heavy Load Capacity
All Uni-Lock system scaffolding components have been designed and tested in accordance with OSHA, ANSI, and CSA guidelines. All maximum recommended loads are based on a safety factor at ultimate strength of 4:1.

Durability and Reliability
The Uni-Lock scaffolding system is manufactured from the highest-quality steel and is hot-dip galvanized for maximum durability and life. The versatile rosette and self-locking wedge-lock provide for a reliable and safe scaffolding system.

Good Overall Benefit
All Uni-Lock scaffolding system components are standardized and packaged for easy and efficient transport or storage. Overall, the Uni-Lock system is a durable, low-cost, and reliable solution.

Imperial Metric Lbs Product
1'8" 0.5 7.5 UF-5005SS
3'3" 1.0 11.9 UF-5004SS
4'11" 1.5 17.6 UF-5003SS
6'7" 2.0 23.4 UF-5002SS
9'10" 3.0 33.5 UF-5001SS
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