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Cup-lock Standards

Cup-Lock scaffolding is a modular scaffold system that can be used both for access and structural propping purposes.

Ease of Use
The principal feature of the Cup-Lock modular scaffold system is the unique method of connecting ledgers and transoms to the standard in one single action, without the use of any loose components, such as nuts, bolts, or wedges.

The Cup-Lock system has been designed with safety built in, because no loose fittings are required. Lower cups prevent accidental dislodging of the ledgers, and guardrails are automatically positioned at working platform levels.

Zero Maintenance
There are no loose parts to get lost and no delays trying to straighten damaged wedges.

Good Overall Benefit
All the components are standardized and convenient for transport and stock management, with lower cost, higher durability, and less risk of components loss.

Imperial Metric Lbs Product
1'8" 0.5 8.4 UF-CV10
3'3" 1.0 14.4 UF-CV33
4'11" 1.5 20.4 UF-CV411
6'7" 2.0 26.4 UF-CV66
8'2" 2.5 32.7 UF-CV82
9'10" 3.0 38.8 UF-CV910
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